Ben Juwono (e1n) currently resides in Southern California, where he teaches physics during the day and draws comics at night.


WAITT!Comics originally debuted in The Guardian, a newspaper at UC San Diego, fittingly with a comic on beastiality. Upon the author's graduation from the school in 2006, WAITT! went on a hiatus until it was restarted in September of 2009 in Deviantart with a new style and somewhat of a plot. The first volume of WAITT! was successfully printed in the Summer of 2010, selling about 100+ copies through online sales and conventions. The second volume is scheduled for release Spring/Summer of 2011.

WAITT! stands for "We're All In This Together", a phrase used frequently by the author back in his college days to deal with the shitty lemons life tends to throw at him and his roommates. The exclamation mark is placed there solely for effect and has no other purpose whatsoever.

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